The Adventure Begins…

I am not, in most senses, an early adopter.  I am more like the Goldilocks of blog writing, testing the waters and drawing back my toe over and over.   Many years ago, inspired by the book Last Child in the Woods, I originally planned to be a nature writer specializing in getting kids out into nature.  I was fiercely determined that we wouldn’t be ‘that’ family locked away indoors, tapping on screens and interacting only enough for me to nag the kids to put down their devices, do their chores, and eat something that didn’t have a multi-year shelf life.  I envisioned weekly hikes, nature center trips, camping, etc., but there was one major problem.  The Outdoors is a big, often inconvenient and uncomfortable place that  doesn’t always capture the tykes’ attention as you would hope.  The relaxing beaches of my youth became landmines of sand in eyes and other places, jellyfish stings, and sunscreen slathered so heavily that the kids felt like greased piggies.  Hikes were a chorus of complaining and lack of facilities, punctuated by an epic ‘big kid’ underwear blowout in a National Park, miles from civilization or even toilet paper.  Backpacking?  Ha Ha!  Fuhgeddaboutit.   We kept trying, but I felt like a fraud, and collapsed from the logistical workload.    Heck, I didn’t even enjoy it some of the time.  The kids are now older (13 and 10) and not at as much risk of going overboard, disappearing under a wave, or melting down, so we are venturing out again; but time is limited.

I thought about writing on parenting but that ground is so well trod that I really had no new insights, and was afraid of the P.C. backlash from telling it like it really is, if only humorously (It goes back to the trauma of trying to set up a happy hour playdate where all of the moms refused a glass of wine, and a cookie exchange where they refused to bring cookies, lest they appear…humans who had fun and consumed a dubious calorie now and then.)  And, besides, Scary Mommy had cornered that market.

What, then?  I surprised my very kind and accepting husband by purchasing our long-awaited vacation home– actually a used RV– a couple of years ago and thought of writing about our RVing experiences.  Honestly, most RV blogs are deadly boring, so I thought there may be potential, especially in a venture so ripe for comedy, but feared I may never find my target audience of families (grandparents excluded)who RV.  (If you are out there, let’s get to know each other!)  So, I present this blog, a mishmash of random thoughts on all of the above and more.   Will you come along on the journey?

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