I am not, in most senses, an early adopter.  I am more like the Goldilocks of blog writing, testing the waters and drawing back my toe over and over, finally launching this blog.  Not with lofty expectations, but to connect with like-minded people and see where the journey takes us.  I am:  frustrated with what I see in the media and on social media, especially lately, and yearn for something more; a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter of departed parents with a perfectly imperfect life history; interested in the outdoors, parenting, travel, human dynamics, and observation of the world around us; and able to see humor in most situations.   I want to remain apolitical, because we are divided enough as it is and need to focus less on our differences and more on how to embrace positive change in ourselves and outward.    Please contact me anytime!  I would love to hear your story.  –The RoadWorrier

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